About Us

Welcome to the Tuscaloosa Latino Coalition!

We are an inclusive community in which we understand service, help and teamwork with different private and public organizations as the center of our duty to be with the Hispanic and Latino community.

Our programs accompany from the smallest to the adults of each Latino and Hispanic house and family in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and its nearby cities.

We want to provide comprehensive solutions for each of the needs, teach, empower, learn, accompany and generate well-being spaces to strengthen our community day by day.

Our support and accompaniment networks are solid with recognized institutions in the region, which offers a wide possibility of help and gives our expensive community to be heard and helped.

Our Mission

La misión de la Coalición Látinos de Tuscaloosa es diseñar e implementar programas y asociaciones para aumentar la visibilidad y el compromiso con las comunidades hispana y látina de Tuscaloosa.

Our Vision

La visión de la Coalición Látinos de Tuscaloosa es fomentar la confianza al mismo tiempo que mejora la comprensión de las comunidades hispana y latina de Tuscaloosa.

Transforming Lives

Tuscaloosa Latino Coalition offers a unique opportunity for Latino immigrants to increase their quality of life. We are committed to working with allies to develop programs and partnerships that improve the lives of Tuscaloosa's Hispanic-Latino community. Our goal is to help you understand your rights, learn about the benefits system, and find the help you need to be successful. We are proud to support Latino immigrants and their families and look forward to continuing to make a difference in their lives.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, “Do small things with great love!”, it is the small things and projects that I do with great love for my Latino community living in Tuscaloosa. Education, health, employment, housing are some of the needs that I want to assist the Latinos in our community.

Julia Sosa Founder & CEO of TLC

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