Our Causes

Listen to my voice, understand my reality, improve my community!

We appreciate the agencies that participated and the attendees who heard first-hand valuable information about immigration. Questions were addressed with the Tuscaloosa Police Department, and together we learned about the tremendous opportunities for our Hispanic youth in the city's schools in collaboration with institutions such as Shelton College and the University of Alabama.

Did you know that if your child is in high school, they can take college credits for free in advance? These are the opportunities that change life stories for our young people and their families. Additionally, 18 people were vaccinated, and several prizes were raffled at the end of the day.

Hispanic Heritage Month

The celebration that took place on September 30th was a resounding success. Visitors had the opportunity to explore diverse cultures and immerse themselves in each of the tents, as if they were truly visiting each of the Hispanic countries. It was a day full of unity, learning, and discovery. We feel honored to be part of this team and grateful to everyone who contributed to making this day an unforgettable experience.

The Fair: Latino Businesses

Our 'First Business Fair in Tuscaloosa, Alabama' was an extraordinary event that brought together more than 20 exhibitors from various countries such as Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. This unforgettable experience for the Latino community was made possible thanks to the support of Alabama Power and the diversity group of the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce. Despite the rain, the positive energy of the event did not diminish, thanks to all the attendees who joined us. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events! Thank you for making this event a great success!

Back to school!

Collaboration between various partners and the community itself was the driving force behind this initiative, which focused on providing Latino students with the essential resources for a smooth return to school. Thanks to the generosity and tireless support of individuals and organizations, these youngsters were outfitted with school supplies, appropriate clothing, and even fresh haircuts, ensuring their confidence and enthusiasm were at an all-time high.

Listen to my voice, know my reality, improve my community!

This event became a space for meaningful conversation and collaboration among community leaders, police authorities, and educators dedicated to the well-being of all citizens. Through talks, panel discussions, and interactive activities, attendees were encouraged to share their perspectives and concerns, creating an environment where each voice was valued and respected.

Safe Kids Fair

The exciting "Safe Kids Faire" event was an exceptional community gathering that brought together various organizations in Tuscaloosa with the goal of promoting the safety and well-being of children.

The active participation of the Tuscaloosa Latino Coalition Foundation in the event was crucial to provide specific information and support to the Latino families present. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion was reflected in the variety of resources and guidance offered, which further helped strengthen the bonds within the community.

Children's Day Celebration

Para conservar y cultivar las tradiciones Latinoamericanas, el pasado 29 de Abril celebramos el Dia del niño en el Snow Hinton Park de la ciudad de Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Contamos con la asistencia de mas de mil personas y varias agencias locales quienes compartieron actividades con toda la comunidad. Los asistentes disfrutaron de la música y el acompañamiento de la emisora online La 97, se deleitaron con popusas salvadoreñas, tacos de la mexicana y aguas frescas y helados de la Real Michoacana. La diversión estuvo a otro nivel, la piñatas subieron la diversión y todos pudieron participar de rifas y regalos muy especiales.

Steam It Up

We enjoyed with all the attendees of the event by making homemade playdough and teaching the process and ingredients in both English and Spanish.

It was a lot of fun, parents and children enjoyed the experiment and, above all, the bilingual experience.

Covid-19 Vigil

At the Vigil, we have the presence of various organizations such as the City Hall, churches, health services, and public health officials. Their participation highlighted the importance of being united as a community in times of crisis.

The testimonies of people affected by Covid that are shared during the Vigil, allowed attendees to hear first-hand the impact of Covid-19 on individuals and their families.
Estas historias sirvieron como recordatorio de la importancia de continuar con las precauciones para prevenir el virus. En el evento se sintió un ambiente de esperanza y resiliencia, en donde toda clase de personas compartieron unidas estando ahi los unos para los otros.
United we will continue to face the challenges that Covid-19 sets us to continue stronger and united than before.

Safe Sleep

On March 8th, the Tuscaloosa Latino Coalition in partnership with Tuscaloosa's ONE Place, trained Hispanic and Latino families on a safe sleeping environment for babies. During the event there was a demonstration of what should and should not be done with babies when putting them in their rest cots. At the end of the activity, each family went home with a new and safe crib for their baby. A wonderful activity full of learning.

Multicultural Night

We participated in a special night with the Cottondale Elementary community, in which all the families of the Institution shared music, food and dances of their roots and also had the assistance of different city agencies which made their services known. help with the whole community.

Covid-19 and Influenza Vaccination

The Well-being and Health of our Hispanic and Latino community is fundamental, for this reason we want to be a source of prevention and help.

We speak in Spanish and we can resolve all concerns so that our community is safe and prevented from current diseases.

I Was Born College Ready

We accompany this activity led by the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education for fathers, mothers and caregivers of unborn children, newborns and up to 5 years of age. all were trained in the proper way and safety standards to care for children, warning signs, education tips.

During the activity, breakfast and lunch were provided to the attendees, a space was allocated for the children to be in activities while the parents were trained, aid was provided for the families attending.